Estonia's first farm Winehouse invites you to visit 100-year old tales and legends on the magical Muhu Island!


Estonia's first wine tourism farm – Luscher & Matiesen Muhu Winehouse.

Muhu Winehouse has operated as a lodging company and taken good care of its guests already for 15 years. The farm, initially called Lõo Farm, was created as a family-owned business and has continued in this vein, gaining a new breath of fresh air this year as the Luscher & Matiesen Muhu Winehouse.

Muhu Winehouse carries in it the story of Estonian wine and the legend of more than 100 years about one of the biggest wineries in Estonia where the total production in the middle of the 1930s reached a staggering 400 000 liters.

By today we have planted more than 2000 vines and are planning to plant a total of 10 000 vines in the next years. We have made our first official wine from 2016 vintage. Our wine from 2017 harvest, a rose wine with the name "Teine" ("Second"), is waiting to be bottled.

Come and see our activities and make your contribution to the Estonian wine story!


History offers us many surprises. Who could have expected that Nordic Estonia with its cool climate could be thought of as a successful wine country already in the 1930s – as a place that created and developed local wine culture and offered rich taste sensations to even the more discerning client? Many might also be surprised to hear that Toompea was back then home to one of the biggest wineries in Estonia the importance of which is difficult to understate in developing the local beverage culture. 

This is the tale of Luscher and Matiesen – two seminal merchants who's role model has inspired us today, almost a century later, to revive the Luscher & Matiesen brand and bring it to you.

In 2018 Muhu Winehouse will be open from May 12th till end of September.


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MUHU Winehouse

Come and spend your wine vacation on Muhu Island, enjoying the greenery of winery fields, delicious dishes, Muhu's clear starry sky, and Estonia's own wine.

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