Muhu Winehouse family invites you to see Estonia's vineyards, to  sample a glass of Estonian wine, and to be a part of the Luscher & Matiesen legend.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

the lady of the house

Ingrid Eloranta

Ingrid, a film director by trade, has found her calling on Muhu Island, creating Estonia's first wine tourism farm and offering guests the unique experience of spending wine vacation on juniper-scented Muhumaa.

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hoto Credit:  Mitya Ku

The wine grower and the man of the house

Peke Eloranta

Sommelier, wine grower, wine maker, managing director of Luscher & Matiesen, the man behind the concept of Luscher & Matiesen Muhu Veinitalu, former financial director of a bakery company, former Playboy photographer, Finn from Lapland, etc.. Peke has done a lot and has many titles, but his main ambition is to grow high quality grapes and make unique wines on the island of Muhu. You will see Peke either working in the vineyards, hosting clients, playing with his daugther or working as the sommelier of Muhu Veinitalu restaurant. Most of the times though you will see him with his hands in the soil taking care of his vines. Go talk to him about wine and vines, but be careful - he can talk about those for a long long time...

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Muhu Veinitalu, Vahtraste village, Muhu island, Estonia, T +372 53 309 912, E