Muhu Farm Winery's busy team organizes your get-togethers, festivities, summer days, weddings and other events tastefully and – most importantly – from the beginning to the glorious end.

Muhu Weddings


Muhu Traditions - Muhu Farm Winery organizes your wedding according to the ancient customs of Muhu Island.

Intersection of 7 Roads – If your heart desires more mystery and ancient primal power, we recommend riding horses to the intersection of 7 roads where the Count of Muhu will personally hold the wedding ceremony, dedicating it to the Wishing Stone and sprinkling offerings to the forest.

Muhu Grandmas – Music, festivities, playing catch, games.

Wheel Flogging - burning the birch bundle, circle games, skill presentations and other traditional Muhu customs for a happy marriage.

Wedding Dishes and Drinks – The best dishes and table features straight from the Muhu Island trove. A pig on a spit and fresh fish in the oven!

Wedding Invitations, Name Cards etc – We make wedding invitations by hand and according to the preferences of the bride and groom.

Wedding Design – Flower sets, courtyard design, wedding bouquet, arches, trees or even brooks brought on-site are designed in cooperation with the busy masters from the capital – Crazy Sisters and the Paper Snail.

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T +372 53 309 912

Summer days and Seminars


Seminar Hall – Muhu Farm Winery offers a seminar hall for 50 people with graphic projector space and catering.

Courtyard – The Farm Winery has a large and spacious yard area with a village swing set, a sauna and a terrace for cozy games and get-togethers.

WiFi – The Farm Winery has fast and free WiFi.

Summer Days – The Farm Winery team helps you to organize summer days for your company from topical programs to catering and transport.

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T +372 53 309 912



Wine tasting and workshops


Wine Tasting – The Farm Winery sommelier leads Matiesen wine tasting sessions for both common guests and larger groups.

Wine Dinners – Dinners of 4-7 courses with matching wines.

Workshops and training sessions – Wine-related workshops and training sessions take place according to reservations or the Farm Winery seasonal program. Additional information about the program is available at our web page or through


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